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Key IC’s Direct Mode 3.0 Release Includes Swipe Capabilities

Merchants who process a combination of card-not-present and card-present transactions can now process all of their transactions using a single system

August 2003 (Chicago, Illinois) - Key IC, a leader in high performance digital payment processing solutions, recently released its updated version of Direct Mode, which is a direct interface to the Key IC payment processing platform.

Direct Mode 3.0 supports all of the same functions as the Key IC web-based interface, including ACH payments, Credit card payments, subscription management, recurring billing and high performance batch processing. It gives software developers and system integrators an easy to use API, providing access to payment processing operations from within their own applications.

The upgrade from Direct Mode 2.1 includes the addition of swipe capability, which enables merchants to process swipe transactions through Direct Mode. Merchants can now process swipe transactions via the Key IC payment processor platform. Merchants who process a combination of card-not-present and card-present transactions can now process all of their transactions using a single system.

Direct Mode 3.0 also includes the most powerful automated batch uploading available in the industry. Direct Mode 3.0 has the capability of uploading 10,000 or more transactions at once (at a rate of over 10 transactions per second), while the system automatically sorts out rejected or incomplete records for further review, without disrupting the overall processing of the batch. This enables even the largest, highest-volume merchants to process transactions knowing they will go through uninterrupted.

Direct Mode 3.0 also includes Level 2 processing which supports commercial card transactions requiring purchase order numbers and tax. Direct Mode 3.0 also supports multi-threading, which means multiple transactions can be sent through simultaneously without having to wait for previous ones to clear.

Direct Mode 3.0's added swipe capabilities, added batch mode capabilities, improved performance and reliability, compatibility, and simplified, easier to use API are just a few reasons to contact Key IC to find out if you’re getting all you can get out of your payment provider. Key IC's Direct Mode provides the optimal amount of data available, more reporting possibilities, more integration opportunities, and more access to more markets.

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