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  • Control all accounts through one interface
  • Control pricing for each account individually
  • Run reports over all your accounts

Key IC Automated Billing & Collection Services Update

On May 1, 2002, Key IC launched the new, automated billing and collections services to enable Agents to better manage their Merchants with past due balances

Automated invoicing
On the first business day of each month, Key IC will generate an email notification informing the Merchant that their new invoice has been prepared. Merchants may view new invoices at Merchants must login to their account, and go to Main Menu, Reports, Invoices, My Invoices. To view their Merchant accounts, Agents must login to their account, and go to Main Menu, Agent Tools, Invoices, Browse Invoices.

Automated collections
On the first business day following the invoice notification each month, Key IC will attempt to collect payment from Merchants using provided merchant payment information Key IC will process collection via ACH and or credit card. If ACH fails, Key IC will automatically process via credit card. If credit card payment fails, Key IC will automatically place the account status to Credithold and change the status marked on the invoice to ACH/CC Failed.

Automated Credithold notification
Agents will receive an email notification for each merchant placed on Credithold. Upon login attempt, Merchants on Credithold will receive an urgent message with instructions to contact their Agent. While on Credithold, merchant transactions will continue to be processed, but the Merchant cannot access the Key IC system.

Automated Commission Report
On the first business day after the seventeenth day of each month, Key IC generates a Commission Report for each Agent, issues a check for the net commission due, and sends it via U.S. Mail. Agents may view Commission Reports online at www.Key Agents must login to their account, and go to Main Menu, Agent Tools, My Commissions.

The Commission Report contains the commission details for each merchant account. Net commissions are based on gross commissions from all merchant activity, offset by any processing and collection fees incurred by each ACH/CC Failed status Merchant invoices. If your total amount due is less than $100, a check will be issued when your net commissions accumulate to or exceed $100.

Collection Tools for Agents
Collection of ACH/CC Failed status Merchant invoices is the responsibility of the Agent. As Key IC fees have already been charged to the Agent on these invoices, the Agent is due all collected funds. To view failed ACH and/or credit card collection merchant invoices, go to Main Menu, Agent Tools, Invoices, Failed Invoices.

To collect unpaid ACH/CC Failed Merchant invoices, Agents may:

  • Print an invoice and mail it directly to the Merchant.
  • Update the Merchant ACH/ credit card information and use the Virtual Terminal to collect the invoice (Agent merchant account required).
  • Reactivate/Close a Merchant account. Note: Once closed, an account cannot be reactivated. A new account must be created.


With Key IC, agents have a powerful tool at their disposal. Here are some of functions in our agent accounts. As most of these are self explanatory feel free to contact us if you would like detailed information on any of these features.

Global search
• Search transactions
• Search sites
• Browse merchants
• Find merchants
New merchants
• Start setup
• Continue setup
• Acct error log
• Find invoices
• Browse invoices
• Failed invoices
• My commissions
• Browse cats
• Agent reports
• Price Plans
• FAPP Pricing
Tech support
• Submit ticket



•My Invoices
Transaction Log
• 24 hr trans
• Browse trans
• Find trans
• Batch report
• Current batch
Event Log
• 24 hr events
• Browse events
• Find events
Advanced reporting
• Custom reports
• Agent reports

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