08.03 Direct Mode 3.0 Includes Swipe Capabilities
05.03 Key IC adds Verified by Visa
05.03 Close Call!
01.03 Global Payments
01.03 Chargeback Lookout
12.02 Fraud Barricade release
11.02 High Volume Tools
10.02 Master agent management tools
06.02 Fraudsters target payment processor



Combat Chargebacks and Costly Fines
with Key IC's Chargeback Lookout™

January 2003 (Chicago, Illinois) - Key IC, the leader in high performance digital payment processing, announces the arrival of Chargeback Lookout™, an advanced management tool that enables merchants to aggressively combat chargebacks and avoid costly acquiring bank fines.

With Key IC's Chargeback Lookout, merchants no longer need to wait for monthly bank statements to review or to reverse chargebacks. Chargeback Lookout provides merchants with 24/7 access to their current chargeback information.

Merchants using the Key IC system rely on Chargeback Lookout to monitor chargebacks and Fraud Barricade™ to reduce the potential for chargebacks. Fraud Barricade, Key IC's configurable anti-fraud toolset with Identity, Velocity, and Order Integrity fraud controls, enables merchants to choose which transactions to reject. At any time, Fraud Barricade users can reconfigure any of the fraud controls to block out more potentially fraudulent transactions to minimize chargebacks.

The Key IC Digital Payment Solution provides merchants with all of the information collected at the time of the transaction to defend chargeback claims. Merchants also can send this information to Key IC's Negative Database within Fraud Barricade to protect their assets from additional fraudulent attempts. Key IC's Negative Database can deny transactions by an individual, credit card, or IP, billing or mailing address.

To protect and preserve your high volume merchant accounts, enable them with Key IC’s Chargeback Lookout and merchant management tools by contacting a Key IC sales representative today at


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