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DECEMBER 2002 (Chicago, Illinois) — Fraud Barricade, the new and configurable anti-fraud toolset for high volume and high-risk merchants, is now available via the Key IC Digital Payment Solution. Fraud Barricade significantly reduces fraudulent transactions, prevents potential chargebacks, and saves merchants money.

High volume and high-risk merchants need Key IC's advanced and comprehensive anti-fraud controls to protect their merchant bank accounts and their assetsl. Fraud Barricade™ goes far beyond industry standard AVS and CVV2 fraud controls and is the only solution that protects merchants from all types of Internet fraud.

Fraud Barricade™ includes Identity Authentication Controls, a set of anti-fraud tools that rejects transactions from customers using false or hidden identities; Order Integrity Controls, an anti-fraud toolset to prevent hackers from falsifying order details; and Velocity Controls, configurable analytic tools used to stop fraudsters.

Fraud Barricade™ doesn't hide behind obscure and arbitrary scoring systems as offered by ClearCommerce, CyberSource, and Fraud Barricade offers experienced merchants a comprehensive suite of anti-fraud controls that can be individually configured to suit each merchant's business. Merchants choose which fraud controls to use that best fits their unique business risk management needs.

Key IC Master Agents can set the fraud parameters for their agents and subagents, and like third-party processors, can control the fraud parameters for all merchants to enforce merchant acquirer policies and decrease portfolio attrition.

Using Fraud Barricade™ saves high volume and high-risk merchants significant amounts of money. By stopping transactions before they reach the bank authorization network, merchants will avoid both transaction fees and bank authorization network fees.

The Key IC Digital Payment System has always included industry standard AVS and CVV2 in the standard price of the transaction unlike CyberSource and is fully configurable unlike VeriSign.

For a demonstration of the effectiveness of Fraud Barricade™, please contact an Key IC representative via email:

Key IC's Fraud Barricade™ reduces fraudulent transactions and saves merchants money.

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Key IC ignited the next generation of digital payment processing in 1999 with the Digital Payment Solution. Key IC’s high performance digital payment solution brings the best digital payments processing experience to resellers and their merchants worldwide. Key IC: The Leader in High Performance Payment Processing.



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