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NOVEMBER 2002 (Chicago, Illinois) — High volume merchants with multiple bank accounts depend on Key IC, the leader in high performance digital payment processing solutions, for the most cost-effective processing through a single point-of-integration. Key IC's Split Authorization and Settlement, Fallback Matrix, and Cascading Payment Solutions allow merchants to direct their transaction traffic and take advantage of the best offerings, rates, and uptime available worldwide.

Multiple merchant bank accounts can be set to work cooperatively in the Key IC system to automatically direct transaction traffic to the account that offers the best authorization and settlement rates, the lowest reserves, and/or the most advantageous account terms through global bank authorization networks.

Split Authorization and Settlement
Recently, American Express announced that merchants who route American Express transactions directly to American Express can eliminate bank authorization network transaction fees. Merchants with multiple merchant accounts utilizing Key IC's Split Authorization Solution can save money by directing all Visa and MasterCard transactions through one account and all American Express transactions through a secondary account that offers a lower American Express transaction rate.

Merchants also can take advantage of the best credit terms and processing offerings worldwide with Key IC's Split Settlement Solution. With the ability to authorize and settle transactions at two different banks, Key IC merchants can process globally utilizing the best processing tools. For example, merchants can authorize transactions with one bank for fast and reliable authorization, and settle transactions at another bank with lower reserve requirements.

Fallback Matrix
To high volume merchants, each minute they are unable to process is costly. To process transactions, merchants need to rely on both the authorizing bank network as well as their gateway. Although Key IC is an industry leader with a 99.999% uptime record, many bank networks tend to have a lower availability than Key IC. This can significantly impact a merchant's ability to process transactions.

To combat the downtime of bank networks, Key IC provides a Fallback Matrix Solution. When processing is impossible via a single authorized bank network, Key IC's Fallback Matrix Solution automatically switches from a primary merchant bank account to a fallback (secondary) merchant bank account that processes the transactions via another authorized bank network.

The Fallback Matrix also is used by merchants with overlapping accounts to save time and money. Within a single Key IC account, merchant transaction traffic is automatically directed: new transactions are processed in the new account, and outstanding refunds or credits are processed in the closed account.

Cascading Payment Solutions
Merchants utilize Key IC's Cascading Payment Solutions to avoid losing a sale or their merchant bank accounts. Key IC allows merchants to direct transaction traffic to balance account loads by setting limits for each account (i.e., dollar, transaction, or chargeback volume).

For a demonstration of Key IC's multiple merchant management processing solutions, please contact a Key IC representative via email:

Key IC's Split Authorization and Settlement, Fallback Matrix, and Cascading Payment Solutions make it the choice for high-volume merchants.

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Key IC ignited the next generation of digital payment processing in 1999 with the Digital Payment Solution. Key IC’s high performance digital payment solution brings the best digital payments processing experience to resellers and their merchants worldwide. Key IC: The Leader in High Performance Payment Processing.



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