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08.03 Direct Mode 3.0 Includes Swipe Capabilities

Halt Chargebacks and fines

Key IC announces the arrival of Chargeback Lookout™, an advanced management tool that enables merchants to aggressively combat chargebacks and avoid costly acquiring bank fines. More »

With Chargeback Lookout™, Fraud Barricade™, and other high-end features, Key IC increases your bottom line by simplifying the business of payment processing.

 AHEAD OF THE PACK: Key IC & Key IC ConneX 2.0

  • SALE support - the standard "charge" transaction
  • AUTH support - the ability to pre-authorize a transaction.
  • Refunds - the ability to submit a refund against a SALE.
  • REBILLING support - Recurring Transactions and subscriptions
  • ACH (Checking account) transactions
  • Order Integrity Encryption to ensure orders are not tampered with.

Developer advantage

Now even greater support

Key IC ConneX v.2.0: Download the ActiveX dll FREE. Integrate secure, real-time transactions into any application.
Now with Swipe Support — Use a swipe terminal attached to your PC for lower rates.
Capture — seamlessly convert AUTH transactions into sales
Rebilling and Membership features provide greater flexibility for you and your customers.
Expanded Membership Management — including member validation on sign-in, installment payment plans, & greater control of rebilling.


Merchant advantages:

- Immediate accept or decline, no call backs
- High Volume payment processing
- High-end batch processing tools
- Easy setup


Agent advantages

- Advanced account management features
- Master Agent System for building and managing organizations that resell payment processing services.


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Key IC release v2.5 contains the payment processing industry's most innovative and effective anti-fraud toolset, Fraud Barricade™, and provides significant enhancements to Key IC's robust payment solution.
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 What makes Key IC unique?

Key IC ConneX module.
The superior payment system for single point transactions via non-web site applications such as internal database systems and accounting software.

Setup Wizard.
KeyIC setup wizards easily walk you through the process of setting up an account in minutes.
- Each step is clearly laid out in an overview, from choosing a password to what credit cards are accepted.
- Each screen can be filled out by the agent or completed later by the merchant.
- Agents can set permissions, fraud settings and pricing for each merchant individually in the setup wizard.

"When a credit card holder gets ripped off,'s the merchant who absorbs the loss. For a company that sells products and services online, taking every possible precaution to secure payments should be the most important item on your agenda." - Inforworld 11/13/00

Key IC release v2.5 contains the payment processing industry's
most innovative and effective anti-fraud toolset,
Fraud Barricade™

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