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Key IC release v2.5 Introduces
Fraud Barricade™

Key IC Release v2.5 contains the payment processing industry's most innovative and effective anti-fraud toolset, Fraud Barricade™, and provides significant enhancements to Key IC's robust payment solution.

Protect your merchants from fraud by using Fraud Barricade™, a comprehensive set of tools that have proven their ability to:

  • Significantly reduce fraudulent transactions
  • Prevent potential chargebacks
  • Protect merchant inventory
  • Deliver pertinent information to stop and prosecute fraudsters.

Fraud Barricade™ prevents fraud and saves your merchants money. By stopping transactions before they reach the bank authorization network, merchants will avoid both transaction and bank authorization network fees.

Fraud Barricade™ doesn't hide behind mysterious, cryptic, and vague scoring systems, yet allows merchants to set their own fraud controls to suit their business.



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