08.03 Direct Mode 3.0 Includes Swipe Capabilities



Announcing KeyIC ConneX Version 2.0!

KeyIC ConneX Version 2.0 has everything that made Version 1.0 great, plus a whole lot more!

Key IC ConneX is an ActiveX DLL that provides a library of functions used for secure, real-time payment processing. Integrate it into any application that supports ActiveX (i.e. VB, VBA, VBScript, etc.) A version of KeyIC ConneX is also available for 4D - a database popular on the Macintosh but also available for Windows.

KeyIC ConneX 2.0 supports the same features as KeyIC ConneX 1.0 (see right-hand column), PLUS many new features:

  • Swipe support. Yes, KeyIC Now supports the ability to facilitate card present transactions by passing in Card Track 1 or Card Track 2 data collected from a swipe terminal attached to your PC!!!! This means that in a card present situation, you can get low card present transaction rates on your merchant account.
  • Capture support - the ability to capture a transaction that was Pre-Authorized with the AUTH feature.
  • AVS Support - the ability to run a transaction for address verification purposes only.

PLUS a new mechanism to manage rebillings and memberships!

  • The ability to change rebilling settings at any time (next amount, normal amount, next date, rebilling period, etc.)
  • The ability to stop and start rebillings as desired.
  • The ability to change membership status - activate, disable, expire, etc.
  • The ability to check data on your members at any point. (i.e. password, expiration date, number or rebillings left, etc.)

With this new membership/rebilling management mechanism, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Validate members on sign in. All of the membership data is stored in the gateway and setup when an initial rebilling transaction is submitted. A user signs on, and calls can be made to KeyIC ConneX to check their Password, Status and/or Expire date. If all is valid, you allow them entry.
  • Members can cancel themselves. It's easy to setup a mechanism that will not only cancel their membership, but stop their rebilling using KeyIC ConneX.
  • Payment plans can easily be setup and changed when necessary. i.e. Instead of a one time payment, pay with 6 easy installments, automatically billed to your credit card.

KeyIC ConneX makes integration into your existing application extremely easy, whether you are using a Visual Basic Application, a Microsoft Access Database, a Web Based Application, or a 4D application! Also, when combined with the powerful features of the KeyIC Digital Payment Processing Solution, it is, without a doubt, the most feature rich payment processing tool on the market. Some features included in the KeyIC Digital Payment Processing Solution are:

  • Fully customizable e-mail receipts
  • The ability to categorize transactions using "tags" for reporting and e-mail receipts
  • Advanced Fraud Screening with Fraud Barricade
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • And many more features such as ChargeBack lookout and Triple Credential Authentication

For developers, this is an unbeatable tool. Add to that our powerful agent program where Developers can manage all of their customers accounts through a single web based interface AND earn commissions on every transaction. KeyIC is a powerful tool in any developers arsenal. KeyIC ConneX is a free tool, but requires a KeyIC account in order to process payments.

Sample ASP usage

Download ConneX 2.0
Active X DLL

4D Users: Instructions


KeyIC ConneX 2.0 supports the same features as KeyIC ConneX 1.0:

  • SALE support - the standard "charge" transaction
  • AUTH support - the ability to pre-authorize a transaction.
  • Refunds - the ability to submit a refund against a SALE.
  • REBILLING support - Recurring Transactions and subscriptions
  • ACH (Checking account) transactions
  • Order Integrity Encryption to ensure orders are not tampered with


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