08.03 Direct Mode 3.0 Includes Swipe Capabilities



The KeyIC Gateway
is the payment gateway
preferred by developers.

Here is why:

1) Developers want to recommend the best product on the market to their customers. KeyIC delivers. The KeyIC Gateway contains many features above and beyond that of the other payment gateways out there. Risk Management Tools, Crypto-Hash, Advanced Reporting capabilities, the ability to categorize sites, sophisticated user and permission structure, ACH support, automated recurring billing and membership tracking, and many many other features makes KeyIC the best tool for any job.

2) Developers cannot afford to recommend a technology to a customer if that technology can potentially come back to harm them. Imagine this scenario: you recommend Gateway A to your customer. Later, due to major security flaws in Gateway A, thousands of dollars are stolen from your merchant. Developers don't want to put themselves in a position where they've recommended a technology that may cost their clients lots of money or cause headaches for their clients. With the fraud prevention tools, risk management tools and security features of the KeyIC gateway, a developer can rest assured that their customers transactions are in safe hands.

3) KeyIC provides amazing and flexible tools for developers. Here are just a few of the ways that your website or application can communicate with our payment gateway:

Interactive Mode - ideal for communicating to the gateway from a website. The entire process can be completely customized to seamlessly fit into the website you are designing. Direct Mode - using any direct socket connection, you can communicate with the gateway and receive a response. This offers unbelievable flexibility. The KeyIC Gateway can be integrated into virtually ANY technology.
KeyIC ConneX. This is an ActiveX component which communicates with the KeyIC Direct Mode. The ActiveX component adds ease of use onto the flexible and powerful direct mode. Using this component, you can easily or quickly integrate our technology into any VB, VBA or VBScript application (or for that matter, any application that can use an ActiveX module! We're constantly adding tools for developers to give them more options for their customers and add to their ease of development. In the works are versions of KeyIC ConneX for 4th Dimension, FileMaker, Director, AccPac and many other applications!

4) Best of all, developers can become agents of KeyIC which adds further benefits. As an Agent, a developer can control all of the accounts of their users under their agent account and share in the revenues generated by their customers. Read more about the KeyIC agent advantage.

If you are interested in learning more about the KeyIC Gateway, fill out a form to request a demo.


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