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The Key IC Advantage Calculator
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This calculator will give you a comparison of costs based on the number of transactions you've entered for the following methods:

  • Manually invoicing each transaction
  • Using a manual credit card process through a terminal
  • An automated credit card process with Key IC.
E-mail Address
The results will be e-mailed to you at this address.
Number of Transactions/Month
Average Ticket Size 
Staffing Costs Below, you can fill in your own information or leave the numbers as they are.
Hourly Rate for Data Entry
These are people who would be entering transactions into your database using a manual process.
Hourly Rate for Customer Service
These are people who would be calling customers who's credit card was declined through a manual process.
Transactions/Hour that can be entered by data entry staff
Customers/Hour that can be called by Customers Service Staff
For purposes of collecting revised credit card info after a decline.
Estimated Declines
Percentage of Declined Transactions

Fixed Costs

Cost of Phone Call
Terminal Rental/Lease cost per Month
Merchant Account Costs
Monthly Fee
Transaction Fee
Discount Percentage
This scenario assumes all transactions are "qualified"

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