08.03 Direct Mode 3.0 Includes Swipe Capabilities



4D Users:
Instructions to access the demo database using Key IC ConneX2.0

It's running on 4D Server 6.7. Use a 4D Client 6.7.x and point it to the following IP address:

Login: DemoUser
Password: (no password required)

After logging in, go to the Key IC Demo menu and select the Demo Form option. This form supports various aspects of our gateway, including Auth, Sale, Refund (requires the Transaction ID value entered into the refundid field), ACH (checking account) transactions and recurring billings.

Please make sure not to enter any "real" data as this is a public demo and may be accessed by other users. Any data you enter will be returned as a "success" from the demo. If you log into the Key IC Gateway after running a test transaction through, you will see that transaction.

When you sign up for the Key IC system, we will provide you with the full source code for this sample database so you can customize and integrate completely into your existing systems

Sample ASP usage

Download ConneX 2.0
Active X DLL

4D Users: Instructions


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